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FFL Transfer Fees

First-time FFL Transfer: $125 plus $37.19 DROS

Loyalty FFL Transfer: $95 plus $37.19 DROS

Additional handgun transfer (same DROS): $30

Additional long gun transfer (same DROS): $25

Private party transfer: $30 plus $37.19 DROS

All purchasers are responsible for knowing the gun laws for their state/county/city. Firearms transfers that may not be completed due to the CA handgun roster/misordered firearms/etc. will incur a $50 per firearm handling and packing fee, plus the cost of shipping (cash only).

It is difficult to operate a firearms store in California, and we strive to serve our community the best we can by providing these services for everybody. It takes time for our employees to complete all the necessary paperwork, stay up-to-date with the laws, manage packages, and handle things behind the scenes you do not see at the sales counter. We appreciate your understanding.

Thank you for choosing Cobra Tactical! We know there are many gun stores for you to choose from, and we are grateful for every one of our clients.

Our Services


From the first inkling of a design to a tangible part used on the range, we manufacture our own parts on premises.


Our certified Cerakote® applicators will work with you from beginning to end, delivering a top-notch result that will stand the test of time.


We offer full-service gunsmithing for all your firearms needs. Our expert smiths treat each job with the utmost care.


With our arsenal of CNC machines, we provide a plethora of machining services.

Firearms Training

Whether you're brand new to firearms or a seasoned range-goer, our high caliber trainings are worth your while. Led by our owner, a former U.S. Marine, our hands-on classes provide you with skills and situational awareness that equip you to safely utilize your firearm. 


Looking to sell one of your guns? We offer guns on consignment! Bring in your firearm(s) for inspection by the Cobra Tactical staff, and we will help price out your gun for the best deal. 

For more information about our services, please give us a call at (661) 257-1406 or email us at!

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