S.O.Tech Shock Tube Dispenser Kit - STD-L-TP

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Shock Tube Dispenser Kit - STD-L-TP

Product #: STD-L-TP
Quick reload removable modules. Leg plate, 5 dispensers, dispenser pouch.

THE NEED: Urban combat requires multiple explosive entries in multiple buildings. How can a breacher keep up with a unit that needs to clear a sector if that breacher needs to stop and fumble with shock tube, caps, initiators, and charges?

THE ANSWER: S.O.TECH designed a preloaded thigh rig mounted shock tube dispenser that deploys the cap, tube, and firing device as one unit. After the unit has been fired, the operator simply rips the dispenser pack off the thigh rig and mounts a fresh dispenser on the hook and loop covered thigh rig. The breacher rejoins the stack, fires the shot and reloads again.Allow up to 8 weeks for delivery - SFG builds products on order to better serve your individual needs.

  • The dispenser is a tri-fold pouch with rows of stacked elastic for the daisy chain. The internal pouch holds the caps and firing devices for a dual primed system. The back of the pouch is lined with hook and loop and snaps for easy reloading.
  • The thigh plate is based on S.O.Tech's Claw Rig(TM) and contains a pouch for protective plate. A quick disconnect buckle attaches the plate to the belt. Two elastic and web leg straps attach with two in side lock buckles.
  • Reload dispensers are kept in a large pouch on the opposite leg. 
  • The unit contains: thigh plate, 2 5" x 8" trauma plates (one for thigh plate and one for belt pouch), 5 dispenser units and belt-mounted reload pouch.