Welcome to our Services Page

Cobra Tactical is an FFL07, meaning we are a Federally licensed firearm manufacturer. We are also a California licensed firearms Dealer and Manufacturer. Cobra Tactical, Inc started in 2003 and has since had at least five different companies use our name in some fashion. Well we like it too. But we want to make sure our customers know who we are.

We provide all of the FFl services including Private Party Transfers, FFL to FFL Transfers (Most quality guns shops know who we are), Sales of new firearms. We even do holds for folks who ran into some bad luck. We are easy to work with and sensibly priced.

Since we are gunsmiths, I guess we offer gunsmithing services too.

Some of our gunsmith services include:
  • Cerakote Application - We are factory Trained and Certified also in High Temp.
  • Firearm Repair
  • Sight Installation
  • Scope Installation and Bore-Sighting (BZO)
  • Trigger Jobs
  • Parkerization -
  • Stippling
  • Firearm Cleaning
  • Firearm Detailing
  • Firearm Restoration
  • Firearm Customization
  • Melonite (QPQ)
  • Custom Ammunition Loads
  • Custom Built Firearms
  • Rifle Rebarreling
  • Revolver Service
  • 1911 Service
  • Camouflage Finishes
  • Accurizing
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Wood Refinish
Shop Rate is $150.00/hr