Recent California Laws (PC 30342) reads "Commencing January 1, 2018, a valid ammunition vendor license shall be required for any person, firm, corporation, or other business enterprise to sell more than 500 rounds of ammunition in any 30-day period. A violation of this section is a misdemeanor." As an FFL 07 Cobra Tactical, Inc is automatically granted the required Ammunition Vendors License (AVL). Our AVL is 21809 and may be used to have your ammunition delivered to us.

Cobra Tactical, Inc suggests buying ammunition directly from Cobra Tactical, Inc to avoid the additional handling fees. However since we have been receiving hundreds of requests, we have initiated this program.

Cobra Tactical, Inc is willing to work with our customers and other retailers for the purpose of delivering ammunition to the end users.

Our fees are as follows:

A Minimum fee of $20.00 for every delivery. A delivery is defined by a packing slip and NOT how many boxes.
OR $.05/round whichever is more.

If you feel this pricing does not fit with what you are trying to do, please let us know how we can help you. You may write to us at

We recommend that you pickup your ammunition at the earliest possible time. Failure to pick up your ammunition within 5 days of delivery will result in a $5.00/day storage fee. If ammunition is left unclaimed after 15 days ammunition will be considered abandoned.

As stated by our Terms and Conditions by using Cobra Tactical, Inc website and as your Ammunition Vendor, you agree to our policies.

For Dealers shipping ammunition to Cobra Tactical, Inc we are happy to assist. Please understand that if for any reason you require the ammunition to be returned to you, you are responsible for the cost of shipping as well as insurance. There will be a minimum $25.00 handling fee which is applied to the inventory process, labor cost to call the customer, and for the handling to prepare the shipment. The fee is for standard carrier quantities and not for larger volumes; which will be billed according to our hourly rate of $150.00.

Please send all inquiries to