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MILITEC is a chemically reacted synthetic-based hydrocarbon derivative metal conditioner that protects metal with a constant synthetic-based impregnated molecular bond. MILITEC has a flash point of 410oF, a pour point of –45oF, an autoignition temperature of 715oF with a viscosity equal to a SAE 10 weight oil that is clear in appearance. MILITEC contains no solids, PTFE’s, solvents, metals, fluorine, chlorinated paraffins, and does not require agitation before use. MILITEC is also non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-combustible and is approved environmentally on board U.S. Navy submarines.
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Militec-1 Bottle Weapon Lubricant
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Militec-1 0.5 oz Tube of Grease (3 Pack)
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