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L-3 Insight Technology ITP-500C-A2 AN/PEQ-2A (Restricted)
L-3 Insight Tech Gear AN/PEQ-2A ITP-500C-A2

L-3 Insight Technology ITP-500C-A2 AN/PEQ-2A (Restricted)

Part Number ITI-ITP-500C-A2
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L-3 Insight Technology ITP-500C-A2 AN/PEQ-2A (Restricted)
L-3 Insight Technology's AN/PEQ-2A for cutting edge military target aquisition. The ITP-500C-A2 uses a dual beam for a multi-function military weapon mounted infrared (IR) Aiming Laser and Illuminator Device. L-3's battle-tested AN-PEQ-2A device provides shooters that are night vision equipped a tremendous advantage in lowlight conditions. Using the IT500CA2 - AN/PEQ-2A on an M16 or M4 Carbine is common place in the US Marine Corps and US Army as well as several other military branches. Special forces operators rely on the AN/PEQ which provides them stealth and accuracy while engaging targets. Although the Insight Tech AN PEQ is restricted for civilian use, Cobra Tactical is an authorized dealer of the ITP-500C-A2 (AN/PEQ-A2) and works with the United States Military and all of our official government agencies with reliable and fast deliver of this Infrared laser aiming device.