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Cobra Tactical, Inc was founded in 2003 by Eric Larson, a former Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. Cobra Tactical, Inc is a click and mortar store, located in Southern California, and is also on the internet. Although there is a bit of competition in our industry, we are set above the rest due mainly to the quality of the gear we provide and due to our exceptional customer service. At Cobra Tactical, Inc we have a “can-do” attitude and work very closely with our customers to get them the gear they need. Since we only carry high end gear we don’t carry everything. The diversity of gear we carry crosses several industries including military, law enforcement, fire-rescue, SCUBA diving, parachuting, skydiving, camping, hunting, shooting and more. If we learn of a piece of gear is substandard we drop it from our inventory. We T&E much of the gear we provide and if it doesn’t pass you won’t see it here.
Cobra Tactical, Inc manufactures high end products for the US Military and Law Enforcement industries. We are now providing custom build AR15 upper receivers.
Cobra Tactical, Inc has been fortunate to be affiliated with some of the most elite military, police units and skydive teams in the United States.
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Cobra Tactical Castle Nut, MILSPEC
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