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Safariland Concealment Holsters are available for many makes and models so whether you are looking for an "invisible" holster for deep undercover, a comfortable concealable holster for long hours of plainclothes duty, or simply a reliable holster for off-duty use with conceal carry permits, you can rely on Safariland Concealment holsters. Safariland concealment line of holsters offer comfort in a variety of popular designs, models, and finishes-all with a low-profile print and reliable performance.


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Safariland 6318 ALS EDW Holster with Paddle
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Safariland 567BL Belt Loops for 567
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Safariland 568 Custom Fit Holster
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Safariland 567 Custom Fit Holster for Pistols
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Safariland 7350 Badge Holder, Clip-On
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