ATN Corporation develops, produces and supplies the world's largest line of Night Vision Devices. ATN delivers superior, high-performance Night Vision Goggles, Night Vision Monoculars, Night Vision Binoculars, Night Vision Weapon Sights, advanced Day/Night Vision Systems.

Based on the latest Image Intensifier (I2-starlight) and Infrared Technologies solutions, ATN Night Vision Equipment offers extensive choices such as Gen. 1, Gen. 2+, Gen. 3, ITT Generation 3 Pinnacle®, Filmless Autogated Gen. 4 (G4®), Custom grade tube (CGT©), High-Performance Tube (HPT©), White Phosphor Technology (WPT™) and full range of Thermal Imaging Equipment like Thermal Scopes, Thermal Imaging Goggles and Infrared Cameras.

ATN Night Vision Product is based on leading Night Vision Core technology and Night Vision System producers like L-3 (Northrop Grumman/Litton EOS; Raytheon), FLIR Systems, ITT Night Vision, Photonis (DEP) and Elcan Optical Technologies.

Night vision Applications range from Paintball, Camping and Boating to Cave Exploration and Fire and Rescue, from Night Vision Surveillance to Home Land Security to Criminal Investigation, from Border Patrol and Nite Reconnaissance to Tactical Nightvision and Special Forces Operations.

The ATN OTIS-10 Night Vision Thermal Viewer will allow you to see through the smoke and fog. The ATN Aries MK 350 Night Vision Riflescope will assist with predator hunting. The ATN PS22 will convert your Daytime Scope into Night Vision Scope and the ATN NVM-14 Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular will prove invaluable tool for your military unit.